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Tekkis Corporation: Bolstering Network Security and Thwarting Cyberattacks

Matthew Rosentrater, Captain, Tekkis CorporationMatthew Rosentrater, Captain As medical devices become more advanced and the internet of medical things (IoMT) booms, it is crucial to ensure medical devices are cyber-secure. The devices might not be storing patient data, but threat actors can leverage the unsecured systems to gain access to the healthcare network that holds crucial information, disrupting patient care.

Strong vigilance is required for connected medical devices, as they can be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and attacks. According to Forrester Research, even the newest medical devices are vulnerable to dangerous forms of malware and ransomware, which can render the devices inoperative and potentially lead to life-threatening outcomes.

Tekkis Corporation empowers healthcare entities to identify the unaddressed vulnerabilities in their modern healthcare infrastructure and build robust security walls to keep out threat actors.

The key to thwarting rising cyberattacks lies in securing the network that connects medical devices in healthcare organizations. Whether it is doctor offices, family practices, healthcare clinics, or hospitals, Tekkis builds and secures their networks and devices, aligning them with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, and other compliance requirements.

Adherence to relevant government regulations is ensured by creating encrypted healthcare networks that hold critical patient information in the most secure manner.

Tekkis develops and deploys cybersecurity tools, which are meticulously crafted and pen- tested to thwart the most sophisticated malware, spyware, and ransomware attempts. By making networks safe and secure, it ensures clients—from the healthcare and corporate segments— are able to focus on their primary business objectives.

Its range of value-add, secure IT services, including managed IT, cybersecurity, compliance, backup, encryption, endpoint protection, multilayered security, network engineering, and helpdesk support, further supplement the client’s healthcare network. The tools and resources offered by Tekkis counter the cyber threats that plague the healthcare sector, as well as the broader business world. Since all these services are implemented by a single provider, it becomes possible for Tekkis to respond swiftly when clients face specific cybersecurity or compliance problems.

Addressing Unmet Cybersecurity Needs

“We founded Tekkis on the principles of keeping technology secure to ensure the safety of users and their data. We aim to bring cutting-edge cybersecurity to medium and smallsized organizations with budget constraints that are held back by expensive security solutions and services,” says Matthew Rosentrater, captain of Tekkis.

The inception of Tekkis can be traced back to Rosentrater’s tenure at IBM. Working with businesses, he noticed a significant discrepancy in the cybersecurity space. At the time, only large corporations had the budget required to implement and support comprehensive network security. That meant threat actors focused on exploiting the more vulnerable small and mediumsized businesses.

Rosentrater founded Tekkis and designed robust and costeffective enterprise cybersecurity solutions for that underserved market. Tekkis soon became a viable vendor for businesses of all sizes.

Keeping Up with the Evolving Cyber Threats

Cases of important enterprise and healthcare data being held for ransom are becoming prevalent.
This puts patients in danger, while also increasing expenditure for healthcare organizations and making HIPAA compliance challenging. With Tekkis in charge of the first line of defense against threat actors, clients can rest assured that their network walls are resilient enough to withstand common cyber threats.

Tekkis begins its onboarding with a 20-step process, starting with an information gathering stage. Its proprietary tool is deployed in the client network to set up test boxes, map the client network, and reveal every device connected to the network. The tool alerts the engineers of any unknown devices in the network.

The report compiled during the discovery stage highlights outdated systems, which can be upgraded or replaced based on their impact on the speed and security of the network. The tool gives a comprehensive visual perspective on the client’s network environment, allowing Tekkis to consult with them and show them the exact gaps in their infrastructure using an intuitive web interface. It determines the level of auditing, hardware and software inventory management, and the extent of security patches. Backed by the collaborative analysis, they put together an engineered solution that outline the upgrades and adjustments needed to secure the network.

We aim to bring cutting-edge cybersecurity to medium and small-sized organizations with budget constraints that are held back by expensive security solutions and services

The stakeholders and personnel in the client organization are interviewed to cover all compliance angles during the implementation process. Tekkis works directly with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for any HIPAA-related compliancy, aligning its network solutions with the latest regulations for the relevant state or location. It sets up security walls around servers and workstations, including email protection, web protection, and firewall controls.

After the initial network architecture is designed and tested, the implementation is finalized, but only after the stakeholders sign off. This elaborate and meticulous approach ensures that the solution meets the client’s requirements on every level, and is given every tool needed to protect their network and endpoints. It elevates the security controls of the networks, guarding the potential threat access points and ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations. The users are also educated on the importance of following the enforced cybersecurity rules and industry best practices.

The cybersecurity operations are managed ‘whisper quiet,’ leaving no discernable footprint on the network. With complete visibility over the client’s network, Tekkis is able to track and monitor every action. Whenever a threat is detected, Tekkis is alerted, allowing the engineers to take over and counter the threat actors. The network is sealed and quarantined until the threat is dealt with.

Constant Vigilance to Stay Ahead of Threat Actors

Having eyes on every nook and cranny of the network, Tekkis’ clients can determine the origination and flow of traffic in their infrastructure. Any suspicious traffic is limited and restricted. Outdated devices compromising the overall security of the network are also effectively upgraded or removed. Even the access privileges are monitored in the client’s stead.

Tekkis’ end goal is to take the burden of cybersecurity off its clients and help them maintain their business continuity. They can leverage Tekkis’ cybersecurity posture to assess the strength of their network security.

When they log in to the Tekkis’ platform, they are provided with a score of between one and 100 percent, based on their security suite, intrusion detection, and network vulnerability.
It helps them detect gaps in network security and take relevant actions to ramp up their defenses.

In the wake of the ever-evolving cyber threats, Tekkis goes a step further in securing the network and data of its clients. Its backup and disaster recovery services prepare the clients for the worst. Action plans are based on consultations with the business stakeholders and their backup recovery needs. The customized backup plans take into consideration business downtime and data prioritization, along with the time needed for infrastructure recreation. The backed-up data is encrypted and distributed among multiple servers. Whether it is critical data or full image backups, the information remains safe in secure environments until it is restored. Tekkis can recreate any infrastructure, including switch configurations and servers.
  • Tekkis develops and deploys cybersecurity tools, which are meticulously crafted and pen-tested to thwart the most sophisticated malware, spyware, and ransomware attempts

These competencies were instrumental in reestablishing business continuity for a healthcare institution that was breached in 2019. The breach affected many offices. After conducting an initial investigation, Tekkis worked with the client’s insurance partner to put together a disaster recovery plan that quickly restored the data and got their operating system back online, allowing patients to be seen again. Once they were up and running, Tekkis engineered a new solution to secure their network and prevent future breaches. Robust monitoring tools were implemented to alert the client of any data theft attempts.

The client had expected to be down for six months, but Tekkis was able to get their infrastructure back in order within a week. Over 98 percent of the data was restored, significantly minimizing loss and quickly reopening the business. Today, the healthcare institution is secured with Tekkis’ robust cybersecurity solution that protects their network from cyber threats and provides notifications whenever suspicious activity is detected.

Pushing the Industry Standards to Greater Heights

Tekkis’ emphasis on education and certification is critical to its success. Everyone at the firm, from technicians to management, has at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science from a certified university. Their knowledge enables them to easily identify client problems and deliver quick resolutions.

Cybersecurity certifications are a priority. Every engineer at Tekkis speaks the language of cyber defense. Their knowledge and expertise boost their ability to protect clients’ infrastructure. For employees interested in continuing their education in computer science, Tekkis is always ready to help. Education is one of the differentiators that places Tekkis a level above most solution providers in the market.

Unparalleled price point flexibility makes the solutions cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Tekkis works with clients with limited budgets to devise suitable solutions that provide the required security for their networks.

The accessibility offered by Tekkis to its robust cybersecurity solutions helped many small and medium-sized businesses navigate the turbulent period of the pandemic. The lower prices allowed them to protect their networks from rampant cyber criminals and come out of the COVID-19 slump unharmed.

Tekkis’ goal over the next five years is to stay dynamic and deliver the best cybersecurity solutions clients need without overstepping their budgets. The growth in sales and revenue will help Tekkis constantly augment its solutions and add new features that enable clients to stay one step ahead of threats.
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