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Thiago Henriques, Owner, Impact-IT ServicesThiago Henriques, Owner
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) make up 90 percent of global business. According to International Data Corporation, the IT expenditure of 70 percent of mid-size companies will increase by 2026. Translating technological implementations into business success is possible only with robust network infrastructure solutions.

This is where Impact-IT stands out.

Even when most IT service providers chase the Fortune 500 segment, Impact- IT focuses on meeting the rising IT networking and infrastructure needs of mid-size companies. Being a pioneer in the industry, it redirects its expertise to offer network infrastructure solutions to companies equally, irrespective of size and budget.

It leverages its two decades of network infrastructure experience to offer the best services, including network architecture, design, implementation, security, network project management, network routing, and monitoring. The costeffective implementation is scalable and customizable for small and medium-sized companies.

Its dedicated team offers 24/7 support to solve IT-related problems.

“We always understand our client’s needs from their business perspective and translate that into the most effective solution. Not all business technologies are for all business needs. We tailor the technology for our client’s exact specifications,” says Thiago Henriques, owner of Impact-IT services.

Impact-IT provides the best-in-class solutions. Whether it is network infrastructure, data center, or telephony, the team collaborates with partners like Cisco, HP, Samsung, and Microsoft to find the best-fit technology and create customized solutions. The solutions are tuned as per the client’s requirements to make them more relevant and resilient to their unique challenges and needs.
For instance, if a client decides to have its own cloud-based call center, Impact-IT designs and incorporates solutions to provide connectivity from their data center to the cloud infrastructure.

It also builds more redundancy by installing alternate network devices and network paths to ensure availability in case of failures.

The tailor-made infrastructure solutions are also coupled with Impact- IT’s security services. It ensures clients’ data security, keeping them from losing critical data stored in their systems. The client’s security is also strengthened by remote and secure off-site system access. It conducts frequent pen tests and generates evaluation reports to keep a check on security vulnerabilities. These capabilities help clients mitigate advanced cyberattacks and related losses.

Impact-IT’s customer-centric solutions have replaced many of their clients’ previous network infrastructures. A large insurance company, unhappy with their infrastructure, had the entire network revamped. Impact-IT helped them implement new hardware, software, and features within two years and made them more reliable and resilient. They also conducted failover testing to validate the revamped system’s performance. Such extensive procedures helped them ensure the system’s long-term reliability and security.
  • We always understand our clients needs from their business perspective, and translate that into the most effective solution. Even though there are many business technologies, all of them are not for all business needs. We tailor the technology for their needs, and make them happy

Every successful use case is attributed to the team’s technical expertise and people skills. Its regular interaction with clients helps Impact-IT understand their evolving needs and tailor solutions accordingly. Especially when catering to companies of varying sizes, a similar approach for all becomes impractical. Being interactive helps actively communicate with clients and understand their specific challenges and needs.

For Impact-IT, it is not just getting the work done efficiently but building solid relationships with clients and being present for their needs, irrespective of the company’s scale, that puts them in a unique spot.
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Impact-IT Services

Miami, FL

Thiago Henriques, Owner

Impact IT leverages its two decades of network infrastructure solutions experience in offering the best services ranging from unified communications and data centers to network switching, routing, and monitoring, in a way that is scalable and customizable for small and medium sized companies.